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Welcome to Quality Food and Drink of Scotland

When you’ve got a bit of time, there’s nothing nicer than going to your local delicatessen or fine food retailer to sample their wares and choose some great local products to buy and take home. Similarly, when you can’t be bothered to cook or want to relax, visiting a local café, restaurant or hotel is high on your list of priorities. Scotland offers some of the most exquisite eateries in Britain.

Farmers' Markets

A good way of supporting local producers is to visit your nearest farmers’ market, where you can buy direct from the farmer, grower or producer. You can ask the producer questions face to face and be confident about the origin of the food. Organisers can only use the term farmers markets when the products have been reared, grown or processed by the stallholder. These markets help the local economy – according to the New Economics Foundation, every £10 spent on local produce equates to £25 for the local economy, providing investment and employment

Tasty Recipes

We support events such as the Scottish Food and Drink Festival; we work with a lot of well-known chefs. Most of them are as committed to regional produce as we are, and kindly devise recipes especially for us. With their permission we reproduce them and give them away at our events, but we thought we ought to let a wider audience have access to them.

We could offer a list of recipes from James Martin, Simon Rimmer, Antony Worrall Thompson, Mary Berry, Lesley Walters, Marguerite Patten and so on, but we also have others devised by our own knowledgeable staff and some of our producers.